Which to go for Aopen 1648 or Tosh 1712?

I read about both of them and I can’t decide which one to go for?

Aopen 1648/AAP is faster?

Toshiba 1712 is more precise reader?

Which would be better to read scatched discs?
Does Tosh 1712’s smaller 192k buffer compared to aopen’s 512k matter?

Which one would you get?

there is hacked firmware for the 1712 that unlocks it. I did it with mine and it works great. reads any thing, fastest dvd ripper I have sceen.

the new model 1912 has a 512 buffer I just used mine to back up a very scratched DVD Movie and it ripped it in less than 7 min. using CloneDVD2

The Aopen seems to be better than the Toshiba 1712. It is faster und has a little bit better error correction.

I am going to have to track down one of those Aopen’s and try them out I keep reading alot of good things about them.