Which To Get



Now i have a mass stockpile of TYG02, 4 YUDEN000T02, and 5 MXLRG04. What i want to do is buy another type of disc for long term archival. Basiclly when i have something i want to keep that is important etc… like photos and the likes i will be making multiple backups but on different types of discs as i have read it suggested here, seems like a good idea to me.

These are what i can get at the mo

MCC 004 Verb+R X16
MCC 02RG20 Verb -R X8
MCC 03RG20 Verb +R X16

TYG03 Verb -R X16
TYG03 Plextor -R X16
YUDEN000T03 Verb +R X16

If i see any YUDEN000T02 at some time i will get some but i dont want 100 disc spindles that why they aint on the list. im after 25 Disc spindles.

So out of the list what would you guys pick in order of what you would get first ?

Remember its for long term storage so stabillity and longtivity is top of the list.

I think i read that Francksoy liked MCC 02RG20

Only thing that worrys me with the Verbs is the fluctuation there seems to be in quality depending wether there MII or MIT.


From those listed, I’d prefer MCC004. Then, depending on what your burners prefer, MCC02RG20 or Taiyo Yuden media (my BenQ 1650 slightly prefers TYG03, while my LG H22N prefers YUDEN000T03s). Least prefered from the list: MCC03RG20.


Well thats it i dont know what my burner’s like out of those. My 111 Loves G02 as did my 109 and burns them better than my 16H5S but the 16H5S burns Verb +R DL discs better than my 109 did, dont know about the 111 dont want to waste money on DL to just test to see if the 111 does then better when my 16H5S burns them great.


The Pioneer 111 should like all of those listed really, including MCC03RG20. Can’t go wrong with any of them, so why not try all of them, and reduce the risk of incompatibility or bad batches at the same time? All of the media you listed is quality media, so the risk should be minimal anyway.


Obviously i recommend these :slight_smile:

Price seems to be going down on these… just hope they continue to be CMC… or i’m out :wink:


I’d recommend

MCC 004 Verb+R X16
MCC 02RG20 Verb -R X8
MCC 03RG20 Verb +R X16
TYG03 Verb -R X16
TYG03 Plextor -R X16

BTW, where can you get MCC 02RG20’s?


02RG20 => @ digitalpromo.co.uk


Buy all, thats crazy talk dont have the cash at the mo. Plus they are really only going to be used for long term archival so i dont really need that meny.

Like CJ2 said, MCC 02RG20 @ digitalpromo.co.uk , they have 25 and 50 disc spindles. Just ordered 2 x 25 disc spindles and 1 x MCC 004 25 disc spindle.

More opinions from that list would be appreciated incase i deside to buy any others.


MCC 02RG20 is the king of stability. For long-term, I can’t see any better choice. Scans look in general only OK, but when the disc doesn’t degrade, who cares? :cool:


MCC 02RG20 are serious that good for long term … should have ordered more than 50 then. Well atleast knowing that i can now keep them saved for stuff i want to archive.


Archives? Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. :disagree: Make two copies on two different MIDs. Better safe than sorry.

My favorites for long-term are MCC 02RG20, CMC MAG E01 (only HP brand - the rest is too variable) and MBIPG101 R04 (Imation-branded). TTG02 was great but disappeared (and anyway recently TDK started to have lousy manufacturing quality :a ).


The Laws of Probability dictate that it’s better to get two different types of discs and burn identical copies to two discs of different types, or three diferent types of discs with three identical copies.

Burning a single copy on just one type of disc is the same as putting all your eggs in the same basket - i.e. risky.

I’d go for one of the non-TY Verbatims and one of the TYs, e.g. MCC 004 Verb+R X16 and TYG03 Plextor -R X16, and burn two copies on one disc of each media type.


That is what i said i was going to do right at the beginning of this post :), but these MCC 02RG20 i will save just for that purpose rather than movie or game backups. Why make two when i could make 3 or even 4 :slight_smile:

1 MCC 004
1 TYG02
1 MCC 02RG20


:iagree: (and with Franck’s post #11 too :flower: )


:o oooops… sorry… :bigsmile: and congrats :flower:


Oh wait i forgot i have about 10 or so Plextor TYG03’s so i could do 5 copies :smiley:

1 MCC 004
1 TYG02
1 MCC 02RG20
1 TYG03

Anyways ive ordered one spindle of 25 004’s and 1 spindles of 02RG20

Not to worry, it happens to us all. Just skim a post, miss bits… bin there done that.


ROTFL, and I thought I was bad with 3 copies (and most backed up on HDD) :bigsmile:



Do you recommend Imation branded 8x DVD+R (MBIPG101R04)? I can get some of these cheap, so I’m thinking about ordering some.



Doubt i would do 5, was just an idea and a somewhat crazed one at that.


Never been bitten by these. :cool: Out of 250, only one single disc had a defect (dye spread) leading to a rather awful PIE/PIF scan but the disc was usable.
The rest: great scans, great TRTs (including in the 4550 :wink: :bigsmile: ), great compatibility with players, great stability. Too good to be true? Maybe.
Maybe I’ve been extremely lucky. You remember that under the Ricoh brand, I had issues with this MID… so who knows.