Which to get?

I have just bought myself the NEC 3540 drive and i wish to get myself a second burner for backup use.

My choice is between these four as my warretly store only has these in stock.

LG GSA-4163B
HP DVD640i

Which would complement my Nec 3540. I use Ritek +R’s mostly but occassionally burn with 4x -R riteks.

Which has the best burning with least chance of coasters


The LG 4163B without a doubt.

Lg Gsa-4163b!

If DVD is what you want to use it for, then these fellas may be right.

But if you need something for audio-CD’s, then invest in a PlextWriter (Plextor).

Thanks for your suggestion but like i said these are the only drives the shop has that i have a guarentee with. (I will solely be using it to burn dvd’s)