Which to get to OC to 48x?

Which drive is the best to get to OC to 48x without problems? 32125W, 40125W or 40125S??


I think the newer 40 one.

Yes I would say that the newer 40x would be the right choice. but at 98$ US why not just get the LIte-On 48x-12x-48x ?

If that three drives are exactly the same, I will ge the cheapest one. But I have read different results with different drives after OC to 48x.

In my country,
32x = $84
40x = $100
48x = $131

A big difference for me, esp btwn 48x and 32x. Could spend the extra money for CD-R media.

Understandable but not really that big of a jump from the 40x to the 48x