Which to Get - Pioneer DVDR-117DBK 20X $25 or Sony AD-7240S-0B 24X $24

Which is better:
A Pioneer DVDR-117DBK 20X OEM for $18 + $7 shipping
A Sony AD-7240S-0B 24X $24 with free shipping?


They are both good rives I think. I have the 7240 and like it a lot, pretty good burns at high speed and they even have released a update for it already
They will probably do another one very soon as we found some issues with DAE CD test disks that get errors when burned by it then tested by it.
It seems they are supporting their drives anyways and most of us like it a lot.
The few times I looked at the 117 the post seemed very positive too and the test looked good.
It’s up to you but the Optiarc is faster and a tiny bit cheaper. I think they both use very similar chips if not the exact same one.

I thought they both use the NEC/Optiarc chipset rather than the Lite-On chipsets some Optiarcs could have since Lite-On purchased Optiarc.

I’ve used BenQ and Lite-On but have read on CDF of those who swear by the old NEC/Optiarc chipsets.

The pioneer and the 7240 both use a NEC chipset, the 7240 has the latest low power 24x NEC and I THINK but am not sure if the 117 uses the exact same chip but only does 20x with it.
You’d have to go to the thread about the 117 and see exactly which one it uses but Pioneer has always used NEC chips as far as I know so both drives perform very similar, at least when it was a TRUE NEC drive and a Pioneer of the same speed.