Which to get? 107D, 2500A or 812S?

Hi all, I really hate to post yet another “Which one to get…” thread, but after reading through the forums and reviews for about a week, I’m still not clear… :slight_smile:

I already have LiteOn LTC 48161H combo that I got after reading the review on CD Freaks, and am quite happy with it. So CD ripping and burning is no priority for the DVD burner.

The Pioneer 107D ($140 CAD) got not-so-good review at first, but seems to be getting better with each new firmware, and they are coming quite regularly.

NEC 2500A ($120 CAD) has some problems reading and some problems with particular media. New firmware hasn’t been released recently (not so good support?), no bit setting.

The 812S ($142 CAD) also has problems with some media, but is better reader/ripper of all and eventually may get dual layer support.


Of the three manufacturers, NEC is biggest but Lite-On is most consumer-oriented. That may have something to do with user support difference between NEC and Lite-On. Lite-On tends to provide fastest support like email response and firmware releases.

Considering the price difference (specifically in Australia?), I’d recommend ND-2500A.

Right now, I don’t have any of them but I might soon buy all three, at much cheaper prices of course and when there are more 8x-rated media under US$1.