Which to choose? Blu-ray, HD-DVD or something else?



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With all of the dual format support units (including the new dual format discs from Warner Brothers) it seems silly to purchase either until dual format units are more widely available. Kinda like buying a + format or - format ONLY burner.


Just the price should keep the average consumer away. I never even considered a DVD player until I could find a well-rated one for $59.99. The odd thing with this is that even if these units got to $100, there’s a lot of other equipment to buy to “really” enjoy it, so unless all the components become very affordable, there’s still the issue of ‘which way’ to go (assuming a dual format unit still isn’t a feasible option).



I think this HD VMD might be the one for me. On the site they say there are hollywood movies available to china in this format. So, why would i not wait for vmd player available in canada and then go and buy content for a price less than todays dvds (any decent chinese mall). They are pirated? Well, if they want to rip me off for a $1000 for a player alone (just to payback their aacs development) and then charge $30+ for some ben stiller shit then they might as well go and &&$(&%)^$%(&$(&@#$@#@$%($%%$#selves!!! Who cares about those arrogant and fat cats!


hmm, VMD sounds interesting indeed, I saw this the first time at CeBit 2005.

It is a red laser technology like the current DVD standard too. Its higher capacity is “just” possible by adding addional layers 5-20! (cost factor?). Also this tech has not the big company support like BD and HD-DVD have. I think it’s damned to die, but I can also be wrong :wink:


Depends, obviously a good HDTV is a must with these formats (would be stupid to buy into them with just a regular set), of course if you already have one then it isn’t that big of an investment. A good HDMI cable is a must and trust me when I say that most cheap HDMI cables that come with the players simply won’t give you what you are looking for. Warner Brothers have annouced that all of their next gen discs will be dual format (HD DVD and Blu-Ray on one disc), As has already been annouced there is a dual format player/burner on the market now. I still say now is NOT the time to buy into the technology. Let them figure out how to bypass the copy protection completely and then let’s see burners come down in price and then see where we are at. Dual Format seems to be the way of the future though.