Which to buy?

should i buy this benq dw1650


or the dw1655

after calculating everthing, the total price is the same. my question is, should go for the dw1650 now? or wait few weeks for the US release?(BTW, i dont need lightscribe. )

thanks in advance!!

If the total price is the same for each, why not get the extra features and go for the 1655. If in the future, for whatever reason, BenQ releases more firmware updates for the 1650 than the 1655, it’s been confirmed that a 1655 can be flashed down to a 1650, you just lose the Lightscribe features.

If you are in the States then Newegg without question and the 1655.
I have purchased from NCIX and they are fine, but shipping can be slow at
times, because they ship out of Canada and the package can get stuck at customs.
It took almost two weeks for me to get my motherboard from them a few years ago.

If you are in no rush wait a few weeks. Rumor has it that the 1650 will be here by March.


I agree Negegg has the edge.