Which to buy

i am going to buy one of these writers which is better;
all i do is burn music a few cds of games and work and copy dvds no hardcore stuff. the options are
LG GSA-4163B or
Samsung Writemaster TS-H552U

info for both are here
Samsung Writemaster TS-H552U
LG GSA-4163B
ill buy any of dat site for upto £40 i need an answear by thursday night as im buyying on friday. All technical reviews pros and cons welcome

I would go for the LG GSA-4163B, it’s one of the best burners around.

Check out the CDFreaks review here.

tks any more options i was told about the pioneer 109 which is also der for £40 but in the forum seems to have lots of probs. Any more options all welcome. Please

samsung has bad reviews, so don’t consider it as an option.

I’d definitely go for the LG GSA-4163B with the choices you picked here. It’s a great burner for the price from what I’ve seen of it here on the forums.

Another vote for the LG out of your original two available choices.

You might also want to read this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=113670

And check our reviews: http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/search/B/

tks guys i was about to buy the samsung as it was on offer for the day
Samsung Writemaster TS-H552U Ivory 16x16 DVD±RW Dual Layer DVD Writer, OEMM

  • 20pcs (4 x 5pcs) DVD-R x4 Spindle eProformance Branded Media £35.54
    which aint bad but if its got too many bugs its not worth the free cds.
    U guys rock Tks all for your help. :iagree: