Which to buy real benq or rebadge



Hi, Im new here,
Should I get a HP 630i (benq 1620 in disguise) for 89 bucks or go for the real deal for 50 bucks more or so?


What part of the world are you located in? If in the US you can get a real BenQ from Amazon.com for $79.99 (free shipping), mwave.com for I think $69.99 (plus shipping and handling fees), and Compgeeks.com has them pretty cheap in beige or black. Also, if you in search of a regular BenQ maybe check out Amazon.co.uk if not in the US. Just a thought though. :slight_smile: Nothing wrong with the 630i I would guess though if you really don’t have any other options.


these are my only two options.


Braxas strangely your computer configuration is very similiar to one of my computers. I need to upgrade memory in that. but its hard finding kingston memory 3200, 400mhz in pairs. from where did you get your kingston’s memory from? in pairs? I have only 256 k ram in that computer. I will like to buy 512 in pairs of 256 K each since my computer only wants it in pairs. but from where? I dont know.


Try here:


Yep, got my memory from Newegg - actually got all the newest computer parts at Newegg (Case, Motherboard, Ram, Processor, DVD-Burners, mouse, uhmmm… you get the idea). lol :slight_smile:


Well, you can get a BenQ or Phillips for much less than either quoted price. I would stay away from the HP and Dell branded BenQ products because they can be more trouble when overspeeding media.


no i cant. These are my ONLY two options.




there just are.


You won’t even explain yourself? What exactly are your two options? Which exact two DVD burners, from what place of purchase, and what are the prices for them? Then we can help you decide better. I don’t understand your lack of choices or what exactly the limitations are between? :confused:


Maybe I’ll just get a plextor 716s (SATA).


Yeah, do that. But next time, don’t waste the BenQ forum’s time with silly posts.


Actually my time was wasted by checking back here to find a discusion on RAM and where to buy it. Not even the right section. I wont waste my time in the benq forums again.
It seems the mods do a good job here.


Well, that certainly was strange.


First, boobytrap says that his choice is between a HP 630i or the “real deal” for 50 bucks more (I guess a real BenQ DW1620?). He states two more times that these are his only two options. When I asked him why that was so, he never gave me an answer. Lastly, he says that maybe he will get a plextor 716s (SATA).

This is a good example of somewhere who is playing games. This is a waste of time and a real joke. He never mentioned a plextor 716s (SATA) as one of his only two options. Then he says that maybe he’ll get one. All I can say is that what comes around goes around.


Please stop any personal attacks/disrespect!

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