Which to buy NEC ND-2500a or Lite-on 811s?



Right now I’m trying to decide on whether to purchase the NEC ND2500a or the Lite-On 811S. I’m really concerned with media compatibility and writing quality if anything. Seeing as how good media costs are still fairly high.

Anyone have any opinions on which to go for as far as media compatibility and write quality goes?

thank you in advance,


If write quality is what you are after: NEC ND-2500A.

Best writer I’ve ever had for DVD-Writing, and unlike some people I do not have any problems with RitekG04 discs either :smiley:

But be warned - there is several reports on problems with RitekG04 media, but both me and rdgrimes have used several different ritekG04 brands without any problems at all.


another thumbs up for the nec 2500.

i use ritek G04 media (grade A) with no problems ay all.


I also own the NEC2500 and Ritek G04 media from Newegg. It writes a heck of alot better on my Verbatim, Memorex, and Ritek media. Truthfully i only use my Liteon 811s to scan the DVD’s i burn.



I have both
NEC 2500a + Liteon 811s

nec burns KPM 4x at 2x, Liteon burns em at 4x
nec burns Mirror 4x at 4x, Liteon won’t burn em at all

Nec will do -8x, liteon won’t
burn quality PI/PO charts pretty much the same
Nec £10 cheaper

£10 cheaper and 8x minus wins for me


I’m in the same situation, deciding between the 811 and 2500.

2500 - No bit setting, no Kprobe.

2500 is cheaper though.


Thanks for the help guys, now after doing a lot of reading, the lite-on drive isn’t my choice, but the new Pioneer drive is.

Arrgh, when there’s one, there has to be another… :confused:

I think I’ll go NEC though, the only thing the pioneer could have better than the NEC is slightly better ability in burning games…and I have a Lite-On 48x burner for that, so not a big deal. Plus the Pioneer drive costs about $50 more than the Nec.

Thanks for all the info and reccomendations!


Zero Burn,

I gave serious consideration to 2500A vs. 811s vs. 107d before making my decision. In the end, I chose 2500A for the following reasons:

  1. 811s: Will not burn DVD-R at 8x.

  2. 107d: Will not burn 4x media at 8x. Also, as I understand it, ripping speed locked at 2x (with no hacked FW at this time to unlock it). Most expensive of the 3 drives.

  3. 2500A: As of this time, best “bang for the buck”. Will burn 4x at 8x. FW is available to unlock rip speed. Good feedback on this and many other forums as to the burn quality. Low price!!

As for problems with media, I have my own thoughts on the matter. Most problems that most burners have regarding media are usually due to cheap/inexpensive media. I personally prefer to spend the extra money for quality media, such as Taiyo Yuden (haven’t burned a coaster yet) vs. the $0.69 per disk specials. Yes, I may spend more money (initially) on the media, but I believe in the long run, I come out ahead, as I don’t end up throwing coasters away.

Hope this helps with your decision.