Which Thread Is The Spammest One Here And Should Be Deleted From The Server?

All except the quest! And as an added benefit, if you nuke any of the big ones like the number thread, then it’ll screw up everyone’s predictions of when we’ll hit 1 million posts. Think of how much fun that’ll be! :clap:

I might make thousands of copys of the threads too, and put them in some secret hideaway corner and suddenly we’ll have 100 million posts! How about that? :iagree:

You wouldn’t, would you? :rolleyes:

The only thread worth it’s weight in any substance, even if incredibly low density (like wombles massive sized brain), is the Quest for the Longest Thread.

The rest are dispensable, like a rusty razor :wink:

I quote myself and the legally binding contract that this is. I am sure Philamber will quantify this is all above board and can’t be broken. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the winner/ loser is the " Big number thread". It is a democratic decision and will therefore be removed Friday 22nd 11.59pm CDF time. :cop:

Appeals can be made but will flushed down the loo. :iagree:

I want you as my solicitor :bigsmile:

Don’t you mean, simply closed?

I now quote the Topic of this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you delete one or more of the threads, would I get to keep my post count or will it go down as a result? That would mean I’m back to 5 posts. That’s worst that when Ben got his post count reset to zero. :frowning:

how did he get his post count reset to zero?

GREAT !! When is the next similar poll ?

If I understand the idea correctly, if a thread is deleted where one has a lot of posts, once that thread is deleted, so would the corresponding posts, therefore lowering each person’s post count by the number of posts in the deleted thread. If that’s how it goes, everyone that posted there will lose those posts.

As for just deleting threads in general, I would have to agree with SexySoutherner, that the threads in most need of deletion would be the ones where they’re so old and only had a few posts, where the poster’s question was never answered in the first place (for whatever reason, like the question couldn’t be answered; the thread got lost in the forum because of other more pressing questions that could be answered). If I’ve easily found 25-30 threads like that with my (probably) substandard searching skills, I can just imagine how many there are on CDFreaks like that, which don’t add to understanding hardware, media, burners, etc. any at all.

And although I would stand to lose posts, although the FAQ of this forum doesn’t say anything like the “Big Number Thread” is illegal or ‘out-of-bounds,’ I must agree that using the idea of posting a topic, that it doesn’t fall under the ‘useful’ or ‘expressive’ concepts expressed for what the Living Room is designed for.

The following threads I find fun and informative, as I’ve learned more about other CDFreaks users this way than even by some direct communication (e.g., PMs). Those seem to fall directly under the ‘spirit’ of what the Living Room FAQ indicates–having fun and getting to know fellow CDFreaks. Besides, some of the below threads are challenging and force one to use one’s mind a little more than even diagnosing a computer problem (where the user is already a seasoned vet at solving them, because one could solve it easily in those cases where one already can solve the problem):

The Person Above
Word Association Game
Questions Only!


hey whats a loo???

ok ok i know i just wanted womble to say it…its where i placed his number… :flower:

Why dont you make one, now that we are all democratic and stuff :slight_smile:

One day you givith, the next you takith away. Harsh my beautiful woman, harsh.


We don’t need the disk space. But spammy threads get binned.

The LR is a fun place to hand out and TALK to people, raise questions, ask opionions not rack up your post count as quickly as possible

Word Association I am sure is past the amount of words found in the English (LR Standard) language and is so therefore just repeating itself.

There’s no point making a poll since I cannot delete threads here.
However, we were only one vote short from cleaning this place
of 10 useless threads, so next time I’ll be sure to vote.

Yes but would they really have been all deleted…
post count has always been an issue on all sites i think the best cure is one of these
1= do away with post count for living room
2= let everyone have there fun in usless posts then delete them
3= or simply dont allow posts that are not informative

That would also put us under the 1,000,000 post mark (officially) once again. :frowning: