Which Thread Is The Spammest One Here And Should Be Deleted From The Server?

:slight_smile: :cop:
Which one is the most usless one. Gimmy your comments

This is of course a legally binding contract and the winner* will bite the dust.

*The winner maybe decided by someone tampering with the poll and adding 1000+ votes to “All of the above except this one [Insert Name Here]” :bigsmile:

Gold-dust you mean?

All except the Quest of course. The Quest is for slowchatting/blogstuff.

For each thread that would be deleted, 10 new would be posted probably.

i dont care, as long i can see animated avatars like the 1 above iam happy

This one :smiley:

No, for this question is big number my no.1

all threads in the living room

the Quest is the longest …and therefore has the most bandwidth…deleting it is the only way to go :smiley:

I was gonna say that…


isadore2 wont have any way to jack up his post count if that is gone :sad:

IMO you start with the threads that have no replys and the look at the old ones from 1, 2 , 3 years ago.

Just dont get rid of the porn :disagree: :wink:

Keep them ALL!!!


Hmmm as long as it’s not the Quest for the longest thread thread, I’m fine with it :slight_smile:

Here = Living Room? Hm… not a thread here seems to cause too much trafffic.

Well the Big Number Thread seems to be Winning

The one called: isadore2 :smiley:

All of the above

lol at something here.

The “Nude Pic’s of Sexy Southerner :-)” thread. If you’re gonna have a title like that, you better make sure you the photos to back it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Delete all except the quest!! Or at least give them their own game forum, pretty please :)???

Amen! :iagree: