Which thermal-printable TY CDs and DVDs?

Could someone recommend something out of the following Taiyo Yuden CDs and DVDs? I need them to be thermal printable so I have researched and found the following candidates:

DVD+R 8x – YUDEN000T02 - SKU: DVD+R47ZZ100SB8

DVD-R 8X – TYG02 - SKU: dvd-r47zz100sb8

DVD-R 16X – TYG03 - SKU: DVD-RZZ100SB16

DVD-R 8x Value Line – silver thermal – TYG03/TYG02 (huh? Which one? Same code as non-VL? Please explain?) - SKU: DVD-R47VAL600SK/DVD-R47ZZ100SB4-B

I don’t know which one the cd experts recommend but I think at least one of those would be one of the most recommended TY discs.

The CD-R TY discs I found on this particular site doesn’t list a code. The top surface is silver lacquer and the bottom surface is green. They are 80 min 52x discs. Do you recommend these ones? If not, which ones should I look for if I want them to be thermal-printable?


Ether the DVD+R 8x – YUDEN000T02 - SKU: DVD+R47ZZ100SB8 or DVD-R 8X – TYG02 - SKU: dvd-r47zz100sb8 I would say. Personally I would go with the -R.

^ Agree with Yoda…but I’d go with YUDEN000 T02 (mainly because I’m just a +R person) :slight_smile:

Thanks! Such quick responses! 'Helps a lot!!!

The YUDEN000 T02 +R discs are about $8 more than the TYG02 -R discs, FYI. At least, from the online vendor I was going to order from. I thought I’d use it since they stock all the ones I listed.

I’d choose the YUDEN000 T02 as well, but the others are good too although valueline media may not be up to the same standards.

The 8x TY media is almost always (I have yet to find 16x in any numbers that are) better than the 16x the odd disk scan might come out better, and in this case its also the +R which as said has the edge on -R.

That is not to say that there is anything wrong with -R, I get thru loads of the so called value line -R TYG02, because its well under half the price (£12 per 100) and if I were to look at the quality scans and playing ability there is no way to tell them apart in the 1000’s I get thru.

As for the DVDs, I ordered the x8 DVD-R discs. Next time, I’ll get the YUDEN000 T02s. Thanks for all the comments! Keep them coming if you have something to add! The extra 8 bucks shouldn’t have been a factor when it’s not much extra to pay to get the best ones. I haven’t tried that type before either so it would be interesting to try those out. I haven’t tried the DVD-Rs I ordered either but I have ordered the TY Value Line before and bought a cake box of Value Line from a nearby store. But, I have reason to believe they might not be genuine or ‘real’ TY at the store. I’ll just keep ordering them online from the same place as long as I can now. Thanks for the info!