Which Test In CD-DVD Speed Tests Blank Media On The BenQ1655

I am weeding through 158 pages of the now famous geno888’s “CD-DVD Speed - A user guide”. It is an overwhelming amout of information!

I see tests for burned media but how do I test the quality of blank unburned media? Which tab and which test and which global options please? Or is this not done? Does it actually burn the media? I want to test a blank before going to rip and burn.


Really the only thing you can do that would be of any value BEFORE a burned disc would be to run a QScan in QSuite for Benq drives - it will test for Tracking and Focusing Errors and can sometimes give some idea of what speeds to avoid for the disc that is tested. But QScan is of only limited value IMO as you can get poor burns from a disc that had a good QScan and it’s also possible to get good burns from poor QScans.

Ya, thanks, the QScan [I]is[/I] limited since I ran QScan and still I got mild stuttering playback from Verbs, and the last of my Sony +R Accucore 16x MIJ. I also found Solid Burn to be of no help so I turned it off and cleared QSuite of the “memorized” disk information.

So no test for blank media in CD-DVD Speed huh? You would think that would be a good utility to include.

My JVC player was not made to play +R but I thought bitsetting would resolve that(?) Will try Taiyo Yuden +R 8X burned at 4X next. Waiting on UPS for their arrival.


TY T02 should burn great at 8x unless it’s a bad batch so I doubt 4x will help but you can give it a try. Also, there should be no reason IMO to use Solidburn for it (for that matter SB has rarely helped my burns, just my own personal experiences).