Which taiyo yudens should i get?

Currently, i’ve got a pioneer 109, latest firmware, and use nero 7 to burn with.

Which TY’s should i get? I want to burn some DVD+Rs at 16x, but i only see 8x for the DVD+R. I heard somewhere that it will burn 8x at 16x speed anyways. Is this true?



First, with that drive I don’t think you will get 16X on any but 16X media, although I could be wrong with YUDEN000 T02. Pioneer firmware is too complex to hack so overburning is not an option. Your only choices will be -R TY or +R Verbatim. 16X TY +R is made but not widely available.

BTW, 16X media is generally much better burned at 12X and you save less than 2 minutes. Also there are a lot of problems people here have had with Pioneer and certain 16X so do some reading before you buy anything. Sorry I cannot point you to specifics.