Which Taiyo Yuden?

Which Taiyo Yuden 8x Printable (TYG02) would you buy, the DVD-R or DVD+R?

I have always used DVD-R however, i think more people on this forum are using dvd+r thats why alot of people have requested Bitsetting firmware.

I am thinking for purchasing from SVP, but not sure to go with the + or - format.

What burner do you own?

I don’t get awesome results on plus media but i’ve never tried minus.

Well, I’m not a DVD-Freak as Zevia or other folks here, but TYG02 is only minus 8X media, or am I wrong?
Plus 8X media should be YUDEN000T02

I must say that TY DVD+R 8X are very difficult to find here in Italy (I found a dozen of Verbatim Pastels 8X some time ago), while TY DVD-R 8X are easier to find, and I have bought approx 50 Fuji (Made in Japan).

The new 16X TY are still science fiction here… :rolleyes:

I mostly burn at 8x, and my 712A loves both… But in general I am more confident with DVD+R media, so I voted for DVD+R. :wink:

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Sorry, i have the NEC 3520 with 1.UE firmware.

I got one TYG02 part of a trial pack which was a dvd-r.
You can see the result here which i am please about :


Does the TY DVD+R have a different media code?

The dvd+r do have a different media code. the poster above you mentions it. from what i’ve been told, the NEC 3520 in general, writes better with - media, at least when compared to a Benq. I have a 3520 and only burn - media on it, I have a 1620 for +

First I would like to correct the poll. TYG02 is a MID (Manufacturer ID or Media ID) exclusively for Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R. As eltranguil said, TY 8x DVD+R MID is YUDEN000-T02, sometime people says it TYT02 or just T02.

Now if you are asking which format to choose between -R and +R, I would say it’s all depends on your player or what you are going to do with all the burnings. I would suggest to buy a small amount of +R and -R (not necessarily TY) and test them in your player, including +R with or without bitsetting.

However if you are burning for other people in high volume, you might want to go with +R with bitsetting since this is more compatible with dvd players in the market. There are, however, players-- usually very old ones – accept only -R.

If you use the search button you will find lots of discussion regarding this here in cdfreaks.

And some entry level DVD players, I mean the ones starting at £20 or some such stupid price.

Though mine is under a year old mid level player and it only accepts -Rs and it is a Philips too so not a genric name.

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Sorry eltranquil:wink:

Not sure without checking if the Philips dvd player mentioned hates +r because Philips are in the -r camp (too lasy and ill to check at present) - but from memory, the SVP +r 100 spool of media is more expensive than the -r equivalent (No: of items). I would still go +R - as it’s far superior :slight_smile: - well, in theory - and I just love +R, as does older NEC’s. Not met one player that does not like +R with NO book-resetting. Bu these are not major name brands - el cheapo imports the likes woolworths, Asda, etc sell. Not that I have such players, but work colleauges do as does many areas at work - they are as good as Sony’s / Philips / Pioneers - in the main, for video and audio, and often the cheap ones play svcd / mp3 whereas many more expensive Sony’s do not.

icey, what older NECs are you talking about. My first burner was a 1300A (diesd after 6 months of use I wore it out) and my current is a 2500A (though I may update to dl when the disc drop in price) which I believe are the two older models of NEC and it does not prefer + over - discs burning both brands perfectly well. Though I agree people do tend to have their ow preference, I prefer - for video (more comppatable with friends DVD players) and + for data back ups.

The 1300a - we have 40+ at work (now some newer models inc. Sony’s - not my choice!). I have one (1300) in my PC here - burnt approx 300 dvdr’s, still going strong. The work nec’s and mine started with a mix of NEC 1.04/1.05 fw, now upto 1.1b (is that right, the latest whatever that is). The officlal NEC firmware is now not bad - although not as good as some of the ‘tweaked’ firewares.

The NEC’s have always been fine on +r, but a range of -r has met with bad burns (cannot read areas back - red as well as yellow, and yes, I know about the reading quality of these drives compared to others), especially with lower quality media.

I always use +r TY, verbatum +r, and a mix of TDK/Fuji +rw. Never a problem. However, at work, mostly where clients are concerned bringing in their own media - a mix of readily available -r discs cause no end of problems - no problem (in the main, allowing for cheap and nasty +r) with +r media. You have no problems - great!, our experience is the NEC 1300a loves +r and if tempermental with -r. Not once, but always the case - a bit better with post 1.0(a) firmware - not much better with 1.07ish. I always thought this was due to the +r camp being smaller, therefore the media made to more exacting standards, whereas upto a year ago, much of the -r media was nasty cheap ritek, cmc, bulkcrap, etc, media, dime a dozen made for a price - (+r was much more expensive). Whatever the reason, we soon moved to +r as much as possible because the NEC’s were too much trouble with cheaper brand -r’s - maybe not eveyone’s experience - but we lost enough time trying to get things working as best as possible.