Which Taiyo Yuden DVD-R is Better? TYG01, TYG02 or TYG03?

I like shopping at Rima and have had good experience with the Ritek GO4 brand DVD-R discs. Unfortunately Rima seems to have run out of 'em. I’ve heard that the Taiyo Yuden DVD-R’s are among the best. Rima doesn’t have any TYG01 discs, but they do have TYG02 & TYG03.

I’m thinking about buying their TYG02 Discs (50-pack) but the strange thing about them is there are 2 different prices for the same amount of discs (with same code TYG02). Here’s a link to see what I mean:

$21 for 50-pack

$30 for 50-pack

Why the price difference? They’re both 8x. Is one better than the other? I’d appreciate any help or advice you can give me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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The more expensive pack is silver inkjet printable, it costs more for the silver print coating! the cheaper discs should be just shiny silver, unbranded discs. Both discs should be the same quality though

It might help if you share the model of burner you use. If it’s an 8x, get G02. G03 is still not fully supported even in some 16x burners, but it’s great media nonetheless.

I totally agree with rdgrimes. I get very different results with different burners.

I own a Sony DRU-710A DVD Burner (with the latest Firmware: BYX4). I haven’t had any trouble with it since I got it.

That’s the Liteon 1633/1653 burner. I have not used that one but my 1693 does a better job with the TYG02s. Others might have direct experience.

I’ve had this DVD-ROM drive since Christmas and amazingly I haven’t burned one coaster yet. Maybe it’s because I burn everything at the lowest speed possible (in my case 4x). I won’t go any higher than that. I figure waiting a few extra minutes for the DVD to finish burning is not gonna kill me. :slight_smile:

So I guess I should try the $21 TYG02 then?

Forget the TY -Rs and get TY 8x +R. Lite-On/Sony drives tend to do much better with +R. And you should be able to safely burn them at 8x.

So I guess I should try the $21 TYG02 then?

The best answer is – are you going to play these discs on standalone DVD players, and if so, are you limited by what kind of discs THEY will handle? Have you checked to see if your other DVD players can handle DVD-R, or DVD+R, or both? This is often the determining factor.

If all of your DVD players can handle either, then you should definitely look to the DVD+R discs, since the above post is 100% correct – for some reason Lite-On drives are famous for working better with the “+” type of disc. (This does not meant they will not work with the DVD-Rs, though, you just have to be a bit more careful about choosing quality media).


On my Benq dw1620, TYG02 is definitely much better! Even when burned @16x

It should also be noted that certain burners (ie NEC or Pioneer) will burn the 8x TYG02 discs at 12x or higher with no problems. Not really worth investing the extra cash in 16x media at this point IMHO.

Pioneer A09+TYG03 is a beautiful thing. 16x media isn’t that much more than 8x anyhow:
TYG03: http://www.rima.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=R&Product_Code=1762-50&Category_Code=DMRTY
TYG02: http://www.rima.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=R&Product_Code=1736-50&Category_Code=DMRTY

If the original poster wants to burn at 8x then it’s a waste, but for people that want to burn at 16x, TYG03 is better since not all burners can overspeed TYG02 to 16x and from what I’ve seen -R doesn’t overspeed that well anyway.

Both burned in the LG 4163,

TY G02 burned at 8x:

Burned at 16x, TY G03:

Hrm, owners of the 4163B have even more reason to get TYG03. To get a burn just as good as the 8x TYG02 burn but in only 5:20 or so… :eek: :clap:

I prefer TYG02 on LG4163/5163. 16x is too high to get consistent excellent burns, so I am stuck with 8x burning in both cases (TYG03 and TYG02). Maybe I had a bad batch of TYG03.

To be fair, my LG rarely completes a G03 burn at 16x, usually 12x. Since you can’t select 12x burn speed in the LG, here’s a comparison of the G03 burned at 8x, compare to the G02 posted above.

The main diference between G02 and G03 is that G03 burns poorer below 8x than the G02 does. If you have a drive that can burn both G02 and G03 at 12, that might be an interesting comparison to make. But as always, the main difference will be due to firmware, not the media. It’s all good.

I realized that my NEC 3520 with stock firmware 3.05 will burn both G02 and G03 at 12x, so here they are. Please note that G03 is burned with 13x P-CAV strat and G02 is burned with 12x Z-CLV strat.

If somebody wanted, they could try swapping G02 with G03 strats in one of these drives to really compare the 2.

All things considered, I have to say that the G03 is superior media, although in some burners without proper firmware support it will not perform well. The LiteOn and Benq drives are not noted for good -R support.

I did the stratswap in LG 4163 and found better results with TYG02 than TYG03. Using BenQ 1620 at 12x, TYG02 was also better than TYG03, with lots of 99% quality scores.
But, as always, others may find different results because the media varies from batch to batch and from supplier to supplier. I used mostly original TY media from a German supplier.

Thanks for the responses everyone. I just ordered 50 TYG02 DVD-R for $21 at Rima. So I guess I"ll see how it goes. My DVD player (a $40 Mintek :smiley: ) doesn’t recognize DVD+R’s and rewriteables. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

My DVD player (a $40 Mintek ) doesn’t recognize DVD+R’s and rewriteables. Thanks again.

You can always booktype the +R to DVD-ROM