Which Taiyo Yuden are best

are the Silver Lacquer discs better than the White Inkjet Printable? i heard that the silver lacquer scratch easy. what is your opinion?

I haven’t found a difference in that regard. Printable has an additional layer though, so that might help.

Overall, Plextor branded TY discs are supposed to be extra quality controlled TY discs, ensuring higher consistency and reliable quality. Whether this is holds true in real-life, is a different matter.

So far (just from a few discs over a year) i think TY’s own are the better. I prefer the printables bc the 100 tub (TYG02) i’ve had was filled with 100 perfect discs. The unbranded seem to be quite good too over time. Haven’t used the Verbatims for so long (even if quantity is 30-40x other TYG02) Pastels are prettier but i think that the extra handling may lower quality a tiny bit - still above any other disc id for me. Time has come and i ordered a bunch of Panasonic printables to see if they match the Verbatims (They’re prettier :wink: ). Well, TYG02 white printables cost quite a lot more but i think it’s the best. I settle for less until my cheaper discs are proven worse :wink:

There is another thread Here (for your reading enjoyment) with more opinions on which TY is best.:slight_smile:

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