Which sport are you made for?



BBC quiz on which sport suits you best: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-28062001

The answers they gave me were middle distance running, swimming and cycling.

I hate running, have terrible reactions to chlorine in pools and if you’ve ever seen me on a bike, you’d think I couldn’t keep upright for more than a few blocks. I question their accuracy a bit in other words.

On the other hand, they did tell me to avoid rugby, which I heartily agree with.


Told me I needed to try again, owell that’s life



Judo was the top one followed by boxing & wrestling. I do have some interest in martial arts. More along the karate line than judo.
The secondary were shooting & long distance running. I think I’m OK at shooting.

Funny that Kerry gets swimming & I guess avoids swimming pools. I was always a good swimmer & although an indoor pool with chlorine bothers me some outdoor ones don’t.

Still a good bicycle rider. I prefer an English 3 speed but I can handle a 10 speed or above.

One vehicle I couldn’t ever get the hang of was a unicycle . When I was a kid a family in the neighborhood with 4 boys could all ride a unicycle. They tried to teach me but no success.


Table Tennis, Badminton and Athletics (jumps), that is interesting and the first two are my hobbies but i don’t like jumps.
Besides, the less suited to me is correctly match my least interest.


Basketball, with Athletics (long distance), Gymnastics, or Diving as less ideal choices for me.

[B]Wombler [/B]


It suggested to me i should do netball. Hell no :slight_smile:


Do they have speed races to the refrigerator during commercials.


[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2732463]It suggested to me i should do netball. Hell no :)[/QUOTE]

And what’s wrong with netball? I was wing-defence on my primary school netball team. :bigsmile:

After-school sports were optional, but I hated football so much I asked if I could play netball with the girls. :cool: