Which speed for most accurate quality scan?


I just got myself a Optiarc 7280S (firmware 1.60 booktype and autoreset) with a Delock 5,25" enclosure. I’ve scanned the quality in both Opti Drive Control and Nero DiscSpeed, on different speeds with different results.

What do you think? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Though the NEC drives scan a bit different from Lite-ons/BenQs, I think most of us find that 5x scanning works best.

Nice burn :slight_smile:

Thank you!


[QUOTE=jArc;2655736]Thank you!


You’re welcome! :bigsmile:

That burner is doing a nice job on those discs :clap:.

Please don’t hesitate to post your burn scans in this thread to add to the MYCE media/burner database. Or just to show off your skills :iagree::smiley:

You might also grab CDDVDSpeed if you have any problem with scanning speed in the the other progs.