Which Software - WMA to MP3 Batch converter?

I have an extensive audio collection that is made of MP3. Unfortuantely, ove the last couple of weeks I ripped about 200 CDs and somehow changed the format to WMA. Now I have about 200 albums in WMA with the rest of my collection in MP3.

What is the best software to perform Batch converions from WMA to MP3. I would like to click on all (or a batch) of these albums and convert them to MP3. I tried several Shareware converters and they could not perform batch converions and/or none of them created a new album files. They would convert the tracks into one folder and I would have to go in and regroup the tracks and create album folders.

Any suggestions?


dbPowerAMP can do batch conversion, just select all the songs you want, right click, and click convert. It uses a lot of resources when it’s converting, but the sound quality is pretty good.

Re-ripping all the CDs would be a much, much better idea. Compressing from lossy format to lossy format will end up sounding pretty horrible.

I’d strongly suggest re-ripping unless you are OK with substandard quality. WMA is a shitty format to start with and transcoding to MP3 will only make it worse.

But if you still want to do it, dbpoweramp is a no-brainer utility to do the job.

If you’re re-ripping, be sure to use the LAME encoder and a bitrate of at least 192 or above.