Which software to play ripped ISO image?

Quick question here…

What software could I use to play a movie that I burned to my harddrive as an ISO image? (Used DVD Decrypter to rip to HD) None of the DVD software packages (i.e. PowerDVD) on my computer seem to be able to read the image and play it.



ISO’s aren’t really made to play in that format, but programs are made to access them for other reasons. Try Isobuster.


daemon tools


I quite like slysofts virtual clonedrive


VLC player plays ISO without mounting ISO’s first. Otherwise, mount the ISO first. There is also another freeware like Virtual Clonedrive called Magicdisc.

VLC! that program will play any and everything you throw at it!

other than that, use a virtual drive (nero, alcohol, daemon tools, virtual clone drive, etc) to mount the image and play it in whatever you normally use to play dvds.

I quite like slysofts virtual clonedrive

Me too :slight_smile:

Slysofts virtual clonedrive works great with PowerDVD. Thanks for the tips everyone!