Which software to choose for WATCHING TV & RECORDING iT

i have recently bought a TV TUNER CARD.
With it the CARD, they have given me a software called as TV EXPERT.
But it doesnt do its job well of recording TV.

So i want some another GooD software with which i can watch as well as RECORD TV {WITH GooD RESOLUTION & GOOD QUALITY}.\


i hAve heard about WINDOWS MEDIA CENTER that it records the programms as well as i can watch them.
So i have installed xp on my computer, where can i just get this software to install it on my computer.


& pls. tell me which is the best software.

Not knowing which card you have, here’s a page with capture and PVR software on it: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/sections/capture

What kind of “TV tuner card”? ATSC, dvb-s, dvb-c …?