Which software [sohw-1693s]



ive just got a 1693 today and i tried copying a few disks ive got to the harddrive with dvddecrypter i.e iso mode and i keep getting read errors.but when i use my pioneer108 it reads them no bother p.s im using ritek g05.just wondering what software people are using with this drive thanks.p.s when i check its capabilities it says it cant write or read dvd-r d/l disks which i thought this drive could do


the 1693s can read/write dvd±r9. what firmware is there on the drive?

most people here are using Nero v6 for burning.


ive just put the offical ks04 on will give that a try and let you no.p.s i wonder why dvddecrypter is saying its not a dvd-r d/l writer


tried using prassi and nero and keep getting errors were my pioneer flies through them well could be throwing this in the cupboard