Which software shows DVD disk region number?

Hi, I’m looking for software which shows the region number of a DVD disk in the dvd drive. Preferably a shareware or free. Thank you in advance. Adam

Hi Adam
Welcome to the gang I’m sure someone will supply a more usefull site – but the following was give to me
hope it is of help

Hi again
just remembered DVD Decrypter should be able to help Re identification

Thank you Clive. [U]http://discinfo.rpc1.org/[/U] gives me the region number of the dvd drive. I need a program that will give me the region number of the dvd disk in the computer drive. Cheers Adam

look on the back of the origingal case the dvd came in. nero cdspeed, k probe 2, nero info tool, dvd decrypter, vso inspector…etc

you should probably start with nero info tool so you can see other useful info.


edit//heres a link for nero info tool

As C Bundy said, DVDDecrypter will show the region code of the disk. Not its main function, but the info does show up on the main window when it first analyzes the disk.

You can download DVDDecrypter here: http://www.mrbass.org/dvdrip/

By itself, Decrypter is no longer effective as a decryption tool on many newer movies, but it should be able to identify region for you.

Edit: Keep forgetting about Nero Info tool.

There we are Adam — as I guessed the brains of the group have offered usefull ideas
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Hope your query is solved!!!

Thank you everyone for your help. I checked one dvd with region 1 and another with region 2. Both were correctly identified by the DVD Decrypter. You saved me a lot of grief. I greatly appreciate your help.
Regards, Adam