Which software should I use?




I’m wanting to copy/clone DVDs & pref. also be able to edit & compress them too. I want to back up my collection before the kids wreck all the originals. Many of them are recent, with new copy protection. I have a Pentium II with windows XP.

I have tried & liked DVD Fab Platinum & would have purchased this program if it had a tutorial(apparently still under construction). So I suppose what I’m asking is, is there another program similar to & as good as that one, which comes with all the trimmings?



There are many possibilities - DVDFab Decrypter/RipIt4Me + DVD Shrink (many guides) / free solution or for example favourite AnyDVD + CloneDVD - you can try them free for 21 days


Thanks for that Sonoluca. Yes I know I can trial them, just wanting reccomendations before downloading them.


I would also recommend CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Very easy to use and can copy everything with ease. The transcoding engine in CloneDVD can leave something to be desired on larger titles, but, overall it does a fine job. It really depends on how much quality vs ease of backup you’re looking for. CloneDVD is very fast which is a good thing, but, as a result if you compare the output with something like Recode or DVD Shrink using deep analysis mode, you will likely see a pretty big difference. I’d like to recommend using AnyDVD with Recode or Shrink, but, until the stand alone ripper is available from Slysoft, this combination can be problematic on some titles. There are work arounds but it involves using other programs. Therefore, my recommendation would have to be CloneDVD and AnyDVD. If for some reason you need to use DVD Shrink for the superior transcoding engine, then use CloneDVD in DL output mode(to turn off the transcoding engine), and use that to copy the DVD to your hard drive before opening with Shrink. That will fix the DVD structure on many new Sony titles so that Shrink can open them.

Sorry for such a long winded answer but I’m one of the people who feel there’s no one perfect solution for all backups. It really depends on the disc you’re backing up as to what the right tools are for the job. Personally, with the demise of R4M, I would definitely buy AnyDVD as it’s updated and works on everything. DVD Fab Decrypter is a good choice if you want something free but it’s not as functional as AnyDVD in my opinion. I hope this helps you and doesn’t make your decision worse. :slight_smile:


You can always try dvd next copy as well. There is a 3 day fully functional trial on that as well plus there is flash tutorials to watch if needed or wanted. I wouldn’t reccomend ripit4me as I have heard they are now releasing or fixing to release titles that ripit can no longer handle (so I hear).


R4M is having issues with 3 or 4 titles in Germany at the moment. If that protection spreads, there will be massive protests as it is REALLY nasty. So much so that anyone with a HTPC will not be able to play the disc at all.