Which software is the most stable (yet convenient)?



Been using Nero v6.3.x.x for quite some time, but lately I’ve been suffering from frequent freezes during the burn process.

My system:
WinXP Pro SP1
Nero v6.3.1.17
Liteon LTR-52327S QS58
TDK (Ritek) 80min 48X (100 bulk)

From time to time Nero freezes around 95%-99% into the burn ?!?!?!

Please suggest an all around burning software, which you think is more stable than Nero (yet more convenient than CDRWin).



It might not be the newest piece of software, but I NEVER had any coaster using it since 2 years now: WinOnCD 5. There is also a newer version available, WinOnCD/DVD 6, but for me WOC 5 works better. I also use Stomp RecordNow 4.5 (not Sonic RecordNow), also very reliable burning soft. My third choice would be NTI CD/DVD Maker v6.7, you can download a free trial from


Give it a try and see how it works for you!