Which software is best to use

which software is best to use to rip my dvds to my computer and to be able to save to a file about 700 to 900 meg in size.

One of the good ripper program with shrink size capability is DVDShrink which free also.

Many newer commercial dvds can’t be ripped by DVDShrink anymore. Too many new copy protection schemes have been added in the past few years. I suggest ripping with RipIt4Me, which is a free program that combines DVDDecrypter, DVDShrink and FixVts behind one user interface. It makes use of Shrinks compression abilities if you want to use it.

If you are going from a commercial dvd though, the amount of compression you’d have to use to get down to 900mb would be way too much using Shrink. You’d get a terrible result. I suggest going to xvid or divx if you are going to save them to your computer.

Once you have them ripped to the hard drive, you can reencode them to divx in a program called DrDivx, or you can use AutoGordianKnot. Go look through some of the guides for dvd to divx over at www.videohelp.com

Hello aussie1948
Are you talking about DVD Movies or Music video DVD’s :confused:
If you are talking about DVD Movies and you want to compress one down to 700 or 900 MB, you are going to have VERY bad picture Quality during playback :doh:
Most if not all DVD Movies are over 4 Gigs and to compress that much data down to even 1 Gigs you are looking at low quality playback.

But if you are talking about just Music Video DVD then you stand a better chance of doing what you want because they are smaller in size so less compression

So to answer your question need to know exactly what you want to do and with what type of DVD format