Which software is best to shrink a 8 GB DVD to 4 GB DVD?

and can you tell me how to use this software so i can shrink the DVD with almost no loss of quality? thanks.

The old DVDSHRINK was about the best in the business for shrinking with minimal loss, but going from 8gb to 4gb is kind of pushing the edge. Why not just split it to two seperate DVD’s? If you really want it on one, find DVDSHRINK, and give it a try and see if the loss is acceptable.

I think Dvd Rebuilder with the included HC encoder does a much better job on compression than dvd shrink. Yes it does take much longer but i think the quality is better. Also, if the movie is over 2 hrs 30 minutes getting a quality compression may be difficult.

Why shrink it if you wanna keep the quality? Rip it and burn to a DL.

DVDShrink is pretty amazing - When you use the deep analysis feature combined with the AEC / Sharpness, it will produce great results, with very minimal loss - And you will most likely notice it if you watch it on your PC’s monitor but most people will not tell on regular TVs, unless you have very difficult scenes and high motion. The loss is greatly reduced when using deep analysis and AEC, but it takes much more time because of its 2 pass encoding and error compensation.