Which software is best for copying music CDs and to check them for all errors?

First off I’d like to say hello.

I would like to know which software is best for copying music CDs and to check them for all errors. Also to tell if a music CD has been made from MP3 files.

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basicly you need a cd ripper and rip to non-compress 16bit stereo wav’s and then burn em,also there are burning softwares that supports cd-text what is it? well just as it says basicly you write down or the software automatically reads from the file (if its mp3/wma) the artist and title and then youll see that info in any playing software that supports it and in cd/dvd players that supports it but of course the burner must support cd-text for that all the modern ones do only very old burners dont support it,also you can burn an audio cd with a 2-3 sec gap before it moves to the next track or without gap basicly it depends on how you configure the burning software and if you are burning at disc at once method or not

exact audio copy is the best ripper get it at http://www.exactaudiocopy.de
you can also use it to burn the cd but thats up to you,you can use nero for it or anything else i personally use sony cd architect for that an excellent software but not for beginners,if you gonna rip scratched cds keep in mind that not all optical drives can handle scratched cds well so it might not come out good,steinberg wavelab can check and repair errors but its not really necessary if your drive is good at error correction (necessary for scratched cds) anyway its highly expensive,dont know bout the last one

edit : btw some audio cds have protection (mostly cactus data shield/key2audio i think) and not every burner can rip em in a perfect way

I’m not looking to burn commercial CDs just homemade CDs.

I use Nero for burning audio cds and its good

As for your question about how you could tell if a music CD is made from mp3 files, check out a program called Tau Analyzer at www.true-audio.com. It’s the only tool I know of of its kind.