Which software? Clonedvd2 or Shrink?

OK, quite some time ago I compared the movie Gladiator in quality using Dvdshrink and Clonedvd (older version).
It was very apparent that Shrink did a better job at that time. With all of the new protections coming up AnyDvd is looking to be a vialble option. Purchasing CloneDvd2 is only a couple extra bucks.
My question is this: Has anybody switched from Shrink to Clonedvd2? Is the quality up to par with Shrink? I really like compressing the extras to make more room for the movies, and will Clonedvd2 do this too??
Please help me decide as I have a large project (27 dvd’s) coming up and want the best quality.
has Clonedvd2 improved the quality??

Since DVDShrink is no longer supported, and updates are not available, I would recommend you look into CloneDVD with ANYDVD.

CloneDVD2 V2.8.8.2 just out today, best bang for the buck in the market today.

No question, CloneDVD is worth the price. Get AnyDVD as well and you will be set.

Feh. I like CloneDVD just fine, but I still use Shrink or Rebuilder.

So do I but only for the deep analysis feature and now that Nero and Shrink are incompatible (cannot connect TRF error), I think Clone2DVD is the program I will be using on a steady basis.