Which software allows you to change the setting quality of a DAB recording?

I was just woundering if anyone could help with my query.

I have a Modulartech DAB PCI radio card in my PC and use the software from modulartech to record programs, however whatever station i record (Radio 1, Galaxy etc) only records in 128Kb/s. Now i have been told that if i use sound recorder (in addition to the Modulartech software) i can record at 192Kb/s and above!

Now i have downloaded a trial version of this software and have managed to record some music, however i am not too happy with this software as it seems to take control of your whole systems sound settings to do this.

Also in addition to this i have a another question and that is - I heard that all UK digital radio stations only broadcast their shows in 128Kb/s, so even if i was to record these shows in 192Kb/s, would they be a true 192Kb/s recording…?

I was just woundering if there is any other software out there that will do the same job, but are slighly more user friendly…? Would Sound Forge or anyh other app serve this purpose…?

ThanX in Adavance :slight_smile: