Which soft to backup DVD9->5 with recompressed audio?

I use DVDshrink to backup DVDs, and usually it gives decent enough results.

But on some music discs, there’s only a PCM audio track, that takes up too much space for creating a DVD5, unless the picture quality really goes down the hill.

Is there a software that will do the same as DVDshrink, but will compress a PCM 2ch track to AC3 2ch in the process?

Preferably with the same ease of use as DVDshrink.

When that happens to me i break out a DL. Or use DVDRB Pro.

You can transcode the audio with BeSweet or whatever. Then demux and remux in the AC3 with muxman.


So, basically, rip the DVD to HD, use muxman to demux the audio stream, encode to ac3 with Besweet, and remux with muxman, then use DVDshrink?

I’ll hunt for muxman and see what it can do. Thanks for the tip. If anyone knows a ‘one-click solution’, where it’s built-in into the shrink 'n copy app, please let me know.