Which smartphone do you own?


Any idea why that happened?
Do old batteries blow up usually?


I had been having problems with it for a couple of days ( couldn’t do texts, find certain pics, Etc. ). Then one day I was trying to make a phone call and the phone started getting hot. It almost burned my face. I yanked the battery out and it was too hot to hold very long and noticed it was swollen. A new battery was $85 and I didn’t want to spend the money on a battery only to find out the phone was toast. I do recall there was a problem several years ago with the batteries in the Galaxy but I never had an issue before it messed up. The phone hadn’t been charged in over 12 hours so I don’t know what the problem was. I am pleased with the Moto G6 Play and it didn’t cost ma a small fortune.


Samsung S9 which is now 9 months old. I got the Android ‘Pie’ update a couple of days ago, and like the new Samsung U1 Interface they are now using on the S9.

I may keep the Samsung S9 after the contract runs out next year, as I really like this phone.


Does this mean sim only contract in future?


Yep, exactly that.


I got an unlocked Moto E4 this last summer. Since I use it as a “phone” where you actually speak to other people, its got more capability than I really need, even though it is a very budget level smart phone. I still dislike trying to do anything on the internet with a phone and really, really dislike typing on the damn things. Just too used to a mechanical keyboard to be effective with anything else.

It has three obsolete features, a removable/replaceable battery, a headphone jack and a microSD slot for more storage. :slight_smile:


After my wife’s Note 5 started having issues she absconded with my Note 8. I replaced it with a S9+. I really like it and plan to keep it for as long as it lasts or they put a camera into a phone I can’t live without.


iphone XsMax - 512GB of storage.


Here in the household two genuine Samsung batteries (they came with the phone) failed that way. They even swell if they are lying in the drawer. Admitted, these were a couple of years old, but I haven’t experienced this with other Li batteries.


Great! This could be me. Unfortunately, my moto 6 does have a non-replaceable battery :frowning: But it has all the other features you mentioned :slight_smile:


I grabbed a OnePlus 6T (8GB/256GB) at the end of November, 2018. Excellent device.


iPhone 5S 32 Gb