Which smartphone do you own?


Since 2015, I own a Galaxy Note 3 due to it’s rich equipment of features and sensors. The Galaxy S6 was ruined by Hyun Yeul Lee.
Since 2016, I also own an S7 edge, but the Galaxy Note 3 is more my home smartphone due to the stylus, still performing very well, even in 2018..

I also considered an LG V10, but the S7 and Note 3 complete each other more.
I consider getting an UleFone Armor 2 due to the ugly 32GB limitation of the S7 in internal storage.
Android heavily restricts MicroSD, so that useful applications such as com.nll.asr voice recorder, the best voice recorder I know, fail miserably on MicroSD, even refuse to write in the own directory of extSdCard/Android/data/com.nll.asr.


Currently have Oneplus 5t , Oneplus 3, Huawei 9 lite.
Have had a Samsung S8 for 6 months.
Hopefully I have a buyer for this.


I HAD a S3 for over 5 years and finally had to replace the battery. Later it was taken when our work van was stolen recently. We got the van back in perfect shape and nothing missing except the phones and keys a few hours later. SO I now have a S4 my little sister used for years as she upgraded to a S8.
It’s actually quite a upgrade over the 3 and has much better resolution and seems a bit faster and more stable. I’ll keep looking for a deal on a much newer phone like a 7 or 8 Galaxy but this one is doing fine and still holds a good charge.


Samsung S7 Edge which is now about 18 months old, and has not been without its problems. I’ve had two screens replaced in that time for the pink line of death.
Other than that, the phone has been great, and IMO has one of the best OLED screens around.
I’m due an upgrade in about 6 months time, but I don’t know what i’ll get.

BTW: Happy New Year everyone.


iPhoneX 256gb. Space Grey. I have it since the day they were released and no issues, thank goodness.


I have owned my iPhone 5s 16Gb since August 2014. I bought it because my iPhone 4 would not work in Europe. I wish that i had bought the 32Gb model.


I use a Note 8 and a Note 7 prior to it. I have come to like the functionality of the Note series and Samsung screens are the best available, IMO. The Note 8 screen is incredibly bright and it very easy to see in sunlight.


FI.Google project Nexus 6P with ver android 8.1 running 3 yrs at 20.00 a month 5 buck replacement insurance , they ship new one next day arrive , log into your Gmail account an everything is back to normal . never loose anything with the Google drive back up . If you dont use up your Data for that month they give a refund off that month bill. works on rolling networks that are best reception if no networks an there is an open WIFI it will connect " Tri band " use the WIFI band while at home never any Data usage

It does what Iphones wish they could do

Waiting on my new Pixel XL2 now when they release it to the Fi.google Project users first


I, myself, am a dumbphone user. Yes I still use a flip phone. Cue Laughter ! :wink:

But other family members have smartphones and the thing I have noticed which I have not seen remarked about, is the units with a removable battery seem to have less problems than the ones where the battery is glued in.

So you might want to take the battery of your possible choices as a factor to consider.

Just sharing a thought.


Xiaomi MIX 6gb/256gb, fully ceramic, 90.3% screen to body ratio. What a piece of tech, especially for under £400. Not sure gold plating around camera and fingerprint sensor is really necessary, but it sure is purty!

Oh, and Ulefone Power 2 as a backup; >6000mAh battery in a smartphone for just over £100.

Anybody tried the Oukitel K10000 with a 10,000mAh battery?




Samsung is well behind.


Sold my Samsung S8 for £200.
Damage to corner of screen after dropping from less than 2ft.
Despite being in case.
Good riddance.
Have Huawei P10 instead.
No regrets.


The fact that you survive on 16GB without MicroSD is really amazing.

I already struggle with 32GB despite 64GB of MicroSD.


I was not thinking when i bought the iPhone. I was going from an iPhone 4 with 8Gb to an iPhone 5s with 16Gb and i thought that would be enough. I currently have an iPad Air 2 with 32Gb and it appears to be enough for now.