Which Slimline DVD+/-RW should I get?

I’m looking to buy a DVD+/-RW drive to go in my Fujitsu-Siemens C600 SFF PC.

There are loads around the £35 mark, but which one is good? They all seem to have +ve and -ve points to them. Ideally I’d like one that is tray loading and that can do the label burning.

Any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated!

Have you looked at any pcmagazine where you live to see for reviews of compatiable drives that would fit your laptop? That would be where I first would start looking as the forum users here have varying degrees of experiences with various hardware and software configuration. So each will work differently depending on your personal configuration with various hardware and software installed. But I could be wrong there could be someone here that would have a better idea where to look as well.

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I’ve looked around for a replacement to fit an acer aspire 1672, I can’t find anything compatible, any ideas on a replacement for this machine would be greatly appreciated, I contacted acer about a replacement drive and the robbing swines wanted £144 for a replacement.

You can only use one that is supported by your lappy and its BIOS.