Which slim DVD burner for laptop?


I’m looking for good cd/dvd burner for my laptop. Does anyone have heard, if Benq plans to give us a SLIM burner? I can’t find any info on web, but maybe someone did.

I was thinking about Nec as well. Does anyone knows what’s the difference between Nec ND-6550 and ND-6750 models?

What other drives would you suggest?

If you like the NECs why don’t you look for a 7550 or a 7551 instead?

You also have Toshiba and LG drives. The Toshs used to be very $$$$$$$.

Get one with DVD-RAM to cover all the formats - you find it with 7550/1 NEC, Tosh and LG.

Difs 6550 to 6750 must be in the speeds, probably related to DL discs also.

I haven’t seen 755x in local stores yet. But I can wait a little while if it’s worth. Does anyone knows if it supports disc quality scan feature?

Ordered the 7551, should received it in a couple of days. That baby’s in for a hard week of testing, will post results.