Which should I use for reader? Plextor or Lite-On?

I rescently purchased a Lite-On 832s to replace my Plextor 708a, and I was wondering if I should Put the Plextor back in my computer and use it as my reader? I would take my Lite-On 167T out, and put the Plextor 708a in it’s place. I wouldn’t run into any problems using the Lite-On 832s or Plextor as the player for when I’m gaming? Just wanted to see if you all thought it would be ok before I switched. Thanks.

Why not use both? they both have good points. if you dont have any slots yet you may want to look at a external usb2/firewire enclosure for you liteon167 it will work well.

what would the plus’s be for the 167T over the Plextor 708a? I see you have a Pioneer 108. Is that the best burner you can buy right now? If not, what is? Thanks Jamos.