Which should i choose if i want a sheepy burner

it seems that liteon and samusang has more advantage while handling protected disc. so dont get it why says plextor premium can copy everything, plextor are no-sheep burner in the test, is plextor and plextor p are not the same or alone with some help from software plextor would be the strongest?

A plextor premium is a 2 sheep burner [B]not[/B] a 0 sheep model.

i dont know how to tell plextor premium from all plextors. they said on their hp 760A is one from their premium series (http://www.plextor.com/english/products/product_dvdrw_drives.html), and it do is a no-sheep burner. (http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/277/8) considering the ‘plextor premium’ is different from ‘premium series’.

since lite-ons are much cheaper than plextors, should i choose lite-on? hearing lite-on having a new 20x dvd burner on sale this winter, should i wait for that?

and on this page http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/277/8 sheep tests reader:LIte-ON
SHW-16H5S shouldnt it be px-760a?

The plextor premium is a 52x cdrw [B]not[/B] a dvd burner. It is no longer in production but there is now a plex premium 2 that you’ll find info on easily enough if you use the forum’s search function.