Which should I buy?

Hello there. I’m currently deciding between buying either an external Iomega 32885 CD/RW drive, or an external IO/Magic I522452EU drive. What I buy has to be one of these two. Which of these two is better? Thank you for all your help :).

Is Pacific Digital a good brand?

I would guess Pacific Digital is just a rebadged burner from another, bigger company. Don´t know which though…

I went ahead and bought the I/O Magic. I brought it home and hooked it up, and XP wouldn’t even recognize it, so I took it back. When I brought the new one home, XP recognized it just fine. However, the only drive that could read anything I burned with it was the burner itself. I made data CD’s, mixed mode CD’s, and audio CD’s. The data CD’s could only be read by the burner… my CD-ROM drive acted like there wasn’t even a disc inserted. The audio CD’s would only play with the burner… my CD-ROM and regular CD players wouldn’t play them. I never had this trouble with the CD’s I made with my old CD burner. Just to make sure it wasn’t the media (I was using Memorex CD’s) I even used the blank CD that came with the drive, and again my regular CD-ROM wouldn’t read it. So now I’m going to be taking this drive back too, and I’m going to be getting either a Memorex or an Iomega. The only problem with the Memorex is that it doesn’t seem to support writing in Video CD format, while I know that the Iomea drive does.