Which should be a faster DVDROM reader?

OK, so my 1300A likes Memorex and Ritek, hates Princo.

Now, onto DVD rom reading speeds :smiley:

I have replaced my Toshiba SD-M1302 5X DVD-ROM drive with the 1300A. If I want it back, I need another IDE controller.

Which of these drives should be faster?

Because the Toshiba always seemed to read at almost 5X from the offset, but right now the 1300A has gone from 1X up to 4.5X and is at 55%.

If the 1300A is meant to be newer and faster and the like, it appears to be not. Not by a long shot. Something wrong maybe? I have no idea where the DMA settings moved to in XP from 98se…



Under device manager --ide controllere – find the ide channel your drive is connected to-- check it’s properties to find the DMA settings.

What disc types is you trying to read? Many drives is locked at lower speeds for DVD-video discs as well an recordable DVD-discs. Only original pressed DVD-ROM discs may be read at max speed.

the 1300A has a read speed limitation on encrypted dvds if u’re using original firmware. try flashing to one of Herrie’s hacked firmwares and see if it improves read speed. the hacked firmware will also enable support for many kinds of cheap media, including princos.

Original pressed and encrypted DVD-ROM, running on NEC 1.07 BIOS.

The NEC 1.08 BIOS has just been released, should I wait for Herrie to release a 1.08 before proceeding?

(Yeah, I know about the cheap media. Princo 4Xs don’t write full stop on the 1300A :a )