Which Setting 16.9 widescreen or 4.3 PAL

Help Needed,

Using Nero Vision Express 3 to burn from a DVDrw to DVD taken from Television.
I have managed to complete this even edit out commercials etc, but I have
a problem Nero defaults to 16.9 and when played back on a 4.3 television
it plays but will not fill the full screen plays as a square in the middle, on my wide screen television 16.9 it fills the screen top to bottom but leaves black
bands at the edges . I presume every thing recorded off the television will be in
4.3 format. Would it be best to record from a dvdrw to dvd via nero in 4.3 format, if so how do I changed the settings in Nero to 4.3 I have looked for this
option but I cannot find It

Hope the above makes sense

At the bottom you will see a “More” button, click “Video Options”, then click the “DVD-Video” tab, you can then change the settings.
I recomend you set them like this:

Ben :slight_smile: