Which set-top dvd will you recommend?

hi guys,

i don’t if i am at the right forum. its just that i like this lite-on forum since i have one.

my question is: which dvd player will you recommend? right now i have a jvc xv-s502sl and it keeps on freezing every 2/3 of the movie. i want a reliable but not too expensive set top dvd player.

please help me decide which one should i buy.


How do you know it’s the players fault? Have you scanned your discs for errors yet to determine it’s not a media issue?

But anyway, any new cheap player is adequate and should play +R and -R media fine (check the label on the box).

As a suggestion though. Try and get one that can play SVCD’s. To play SVCD’s they must have better lasers and a higher spin speed to be able to play SVCD’s which for the most part equals a better player.

Oh, and yes this should have been in the general hardware forum :smiley:

i think i’m gonna try another media before buying a new dvd player. i’ve been using maxell 4x dvd-r and it seems to be not stable. i’ve read your media test regarding this brand it show poor quality.

i’ll try the memorex 4x dvd+r as this is also compatible with my jvc player but i’ll burn at 2.4x speed to make sure. is it always advisable to set the booktype setting to dvd-rom if i use this media?


As long as you have firmware that supports the bit setting tool and you use it properly it should work on all +R/+RW media.

Just so you know, the tool does not help improve quality, it just helps the DVD play on set top players that don’t support +R/+RW.

Do us a favor though. Scan the media and post back results and we will be able to tell you better if it’s the media or not.

I have succesfully swapped the dvd drive in my Daewoo standalone player. The drive assembly inside is a standard IDE drive. The original drive did not like most dvd+r and no dvd-r media. The “new” drive is a Toshiba that supports +r/ -r/ +rw/ -rw. I was’nt using the Toshiba drive anyway so this solution was much cheaper than buying a new standalone player.

Be warned though: Some dvd drives supports dvd ripping at up to 16x speed. If you use such a drive the disc will spin at 16x all the time while watching the movie. This is VERY noisy. You can test the drive in your computer first to find out if it’s noisy.

I forgot to mention that you might even be lucky enough that the drive in your player can be firmware upgraded to support dvd+r.

Find out what drive is in it and check the firmware page.


has a list with set-top players and their compatability (dvd-r . dvd+r and so on)…might be handy to look at

Also check my sig for a searchable database of DVD players :smiley:



that is the same link as mine…
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Well I’ve just bought a Sony DVP-N430 and that’s playing anything I throw at it.

yeah…sony plass almost anything…the last dvd players they released that is. My first sony dvdplayer…didn’t even play cd-r.

My new dvp-905s plays everything, except divx.

Or you can go really cheap.
Get a cheap 30-50 dollar apex. Almost always on sale somewhere. Plays almost everything and sometimes maybe even divx. Make sure you get the right one though. Check the dvd compatibility list to ensure u get the right one.

Just got a cheap no name “made in china” brand that was advertised in the walmart circulars for my parents just a month or so ago. Decent build quality, no region lock, progressive scan, titanium finish, plays EVERYTHING and only 40 bux or so.

I recommend a high quality dvd player though if u’re using any HDTV 32 or more inches. You will notice the difference.(with decent cables)

Best source of info is still


Like I said pretty much any el’ cheapo now a days plays everything great. DVD player technology has gotten very reliable and very cheap. :bigsmile:
That’s pretty much the link in my sig and yes I agree, it’s a great resource.

yeah cheap plays everything…but not always at the quality you want from dvd.
But every one has different standards and different tv’s to watch dvd on.

I bought mine (dvp-905s) because it has seperate circuits for audio and video…which you clearly can notice in the quality of what you see and hear…

:sad: but my girlfriend doesn’t see the difference with the old one…lol

Ya I know what you mean, my wife wouldn’t recognize a quality picture or sound if it slapped her in the side of the head :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, if you have a really nice home theater set up you may want to invest in a higher quality player. The are usually 2-3x more then a el’ cheapo though.
Myself I use a Philips DVD726 (it came free with my 46" Philips HDTV) and it’s played everything I’ve thrown at it so far. Even some crap Fortis media that had PI and PO errors above 1000! Of course I didn’t stick with the Fortis media though, it wouldn’t play on any other player I tried it on.

Originally posted by Ssseth
Do us a favor though. Scan the media and post back results and we will be able to tell you better if it’s the media or not.

i just downloaded a kprobe but i don’t know how to use it. is there any detailed intructions as to how to scan burnt dvd. i want to compare results of my burnt dvd’s.

i have an 47" HDTV widescreen so i’d better get those high end ones if ever i’m going to buy another dvd player.

Check the tools guide in my sig. Kprobe section, last bullet.

i went to look at your signature but there’s no instructions as to “how to use kprobe”. can you guide me so i can scan my previous burned dvd?

i change my media to memorex dvd+r from maxell-r and up to now i haven’t made any coaster yet. i always set the booktype to dvd-rom and the write speed to 2.4x just to make sure. so far anything i throw with my jvc player seems to work fine.

do you think if i change the write speed to “maximum speed” will it give me any problem with my standalone dvd player? my driver is 811s.


…what do you mean? Follow the links provided for instuctions…

oops, i got it. sorry for bugging you Sssseth.

i will scan my dvd tonight and post it soon. thanks again.