Which second drive would be better?


Not long ago i bought a Benq 1620 Pro and i’m still not completely satisfied with its performance mainly due to the differences between different firmware revisions.
I have some MCC and some OPTODISCOP4 DVD+RW discs. For MCC, i get good burns with B7T9. For the OPTODISC i get horrible burns using B7T9 and B7V9, but get acceptible burns using B7U9.
On the other hand i have some OPTODISCR004 DVD-R discs which burn incredibly well with B7T9 (PI MAX 25, PIF Max 4). I know the Benq will be ok for good quality media, but i would like another drive which will give me OK results with all formats, incl RW’s.

Anyone have a good suggestion? Perhaps a specific model?
I was thinking of either a LG 4163B or an NEC 3520A.
Or are there better ones?

Id get the LG.

I’ve been pondering that, but how does it really compare to the NEC overall? Certainly doesn’t seem to be as popular.

I have all three, NEC, LG,and BenQ. It REALLY depends on the media you use. Take a look at my sig. and you can see which media I will use with each drive. The LG is very, very close to the NEC on burn quality. The BenQ is not. I have no direct experience with the NEC 3520 but I can say that if I lost all three drives and could only purchase one, I would choose the LG based on the quality of the burn.

If you use a lot of +R media you should look at what others experience.

Does anyone know what drive is the absolute best for burning repeated 4x DVD+RW media, and still get good quality after a lot of erase/burn cycles? The NEC-3520A is OK for a couple cycles but after that most of the Ricoh 4x DVD+RW media gets poor even bad unreadable. I want better than that.

Thats one thing i require out of a drive, since i have over 40 of them, made up of RICOH, MCC and OPTODISC media codes.
I have found that my old Liteon 812s(patched to 832s) has been great with them so far. Some richoh’s i’ve burnt 20 times or more.

Only really found good performance out of 1 Benq firmware so far on the OptoDisc.

Are you talking about the RicohJPNW11s. If so I can do the next dozen or so burns on the same disc with my LG and see how it compares to my NEC3500 over time. My 3500 has none of the problems you are seeing with you 3520; the LG has scans that are equal, and my BenQ does very poorly on the W11s.

Let me know.

Yeah like the FujiFilm 4x DVD+RW which is Ricoh media. I have great results from older Memorex 2.4x DVD+RW Ricoh-based media, but high PIF and PIE after a few erase/burn cycles with the 4x DVD+RW - out of a 15pack, I’ve had to throw away 4 discs so far after only a couple uses they were useless, of the rest another 5 I will call marginal and may go bad after a few more uses. Don’t know if all 3520A’s are this way or just my unit or I happened to get a poor batch of media. I’ve ordered the bargain priced 25pack Ricoh-based Ritek DVD+RW from Newegg this week for another batch to test.

Those are the ones I use on my NEC and LG and they seem to work very well with very good scans. I think you will find them much better. Keep an eye out for rebates; the last 100 I got cost $32, delivered. But we are seriously off topic. Sorry.