Which scans is more trustworthy?

Scans from which drive are more trustworthy:

  • more than 2 years old PX-760A used for almost everyday burns (info from PXInfo: PLEXTOR DVDR PX-760A V1.07 TLA:0007 (4.18.41D - 76.17.18D))

  • brand new PX-760A (info from PXInfo: PLEXTOR DVDR PX-760A V1.07 TLA:0007 (0.0.0A - 0.0.0A)) ?

I know that maybe I shouldn’t compare scans from different drives, but it is also question new vs old.

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I’d generally trust the newer drive over the older one, all other things being equal. Is there something about the new drive that would cause you to distrust it?

Rather I stop trusting the old one.

Last week I got some “hardware error no. 040903” when I try do ‘TA Check’ in Plextools.
According to the Net it means: “Spindle servo failure”.
The other reason is that sometimes I get big PIE spike at the beginning of the scan.

Maybe I should retire this drive or use it only for burning?