Which scan is better?

which one of the two scans is better, the first or the second?

The second, because of the lower PIF’s.

to be honest you have to be wary if the importance of PI errors in cd-dvd speed as i have had discs with dydefects like unburnt spot in which shows a massive amount on PIF’s with a disc quality of 0 yet the PIE never went above 30.

As long as I have less than a 1000 PIF’s and the max PIF does not go above 6 im normally happy.

Yepp, PIFs are worse. Why? Easy thing… PIF are the second level “errors” (F stands for failure though). PIE comes first, than PIF and at last comes POF, which is worst and can’t be corrected.

PIE up to a few hundred is no prob at all. PIF peaks up to low 2digit numbers neither. PIF chunks in that region can be a prob.

To sum this up, both scans are basicly the same.


In the longrun … I don’t think a difference of 132 PIF’s will make a substantial real-world difference. Both those discs will degrade over time. Depending on how they’re stored/handled, one may degrade a bit more gracefully than the other - regardless of their PIF count. The higher PIE’s ‘may’ eventually turn into PIF’s as well. But, personally, specifically addressing PIF totals, I wouldn’t be too worried about the difference b/t 734 and 602 PIF’s. Pretty close if you ask me. Cheers. :slight_smile:

PIE’s are correctable errors. Neither scan approaches values that would overwhelm a player from decoding.

PIF’s are not correctable but can be managed unless greater than 16 maximum or a large number are clustered together.

A good primer is the sticky post http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=96285 and http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=80545.

If we could ignore the PIF spike to 10, the first scan is the better scan. Even with the PIF spike, well within tolerance, I like this disc. The second scan has more jitter and the upward sloping green speed graph seen in the top portion of each picture shows vertical aberrations. I would want to see a Read Transfer Rate graph (also done with Nero CD DVD Speed) as this is a pretty good indicator of playability.

Otherwise, as schranzi says, both scans are essentially the same.

Oh, I didn’t look at the Jitter… I would enable SolidBurn also for known discs. This usually leads to lower Jitter. Sometimes PIF/PIE increase though, but on a level, that is not essential.


Pi error should be under 100,000 and PI failures should be under 200 for a good scan.

To analyze better, at least you need to provide read transfer rate curve in addition to the quality scan. If one curve shows read-back problem, than it’s a different story.

And, both discs need to be the same size (yours 4201 vs 4192MB). Otherwise, total or average errors will not be comparable.