Which scan ECC on the NECs?

Since there is no way (yet) for CD-DVD Speed to report the ECC scan level on the main scan snapshot (though shows up in the summary, I know) … I’ve seen people scan at 1, and 8 … Which is the best ECC to scan with on NEC drives? It’s getting confusing and I don’t know which to use… Perhaps if Dee posted something on the firmware post that said which ECC to use so we don’t all get different scans? (She only says the speed to scan with and how to change the ECC, not a preferred ECC)

Thanks :slight_smile:

It really all depends, but if you want more accuracy go with 1.00ECC at 5x ;).

1 ECC is always preferred over 8 ECC.

I don’t think it’s my place to set a standard for scanning on NEC drives. :slight_smile:
I always use 1ECC for accuracy.

Is it always better to scan at slower speed? If so, shouldn’t 1X scanning speed be even more accurate?

4-5x was found to be nearly as accurate as 1x and faster so 4-5x is compromise speed. But feel free to scan at 1x if you want to.