Which satellite receiver is best for recording on?



I’m looking into buying a satellite receiver, but I want to know which one is best for recording TV programmes directly onto the hard drive.


My suggestion would be to look for a satellite receiver that records to USB. The Technomate receivers tend to be the cheapest with USB recording support and the recordings can be played back either on the receiver or transferred to a PC and played with VLC, Windows Media Player, etc. :slight_smile:

If you’re looking to transfer or watch recordings on a PC, avoid getting the TV provider’s own PVR receiver, since these generally don’t allow recording to USB drives and any that do will enrypt the recordings such that they can be played back only on the satellite receiver that made the recording.

The catch with choosing your own receiver is that most do not support the TV provider’s EPG, which means that you’ll need to set your own timers, i.e. pick the channel and set the start and end times.

If you’re paying for your satellite service, you’ll need to make sure that the receiver you get has a multicam smartcard slot or CI slot if you use a CAM. If the receiver does not specify what type of smartcard reader it has (e.g. Viaccess, Conax, etc.) then it’s most likely a multicam slot.


I need a receiver that will let me record more than one channel at a time to USB and make scheduled recordings?


For this, you’ll need a twin-tuner receiver, i.e. with two satellite inputs. You will also need a dual-LNB on your satellite dish as well as a second cable from the dish to the receiver, as each cable only supports a single tuner.

A good example is the Technomate TM-6902, which has two satellite inputs as well as a digital TV input. With all three inputs hooked up, it’s possible to record three channels simultaneoulsy (2 satellite channels and 1 DTV channel.) This receiver has two USB ports and two eSATA ports.


So will that receiver let me schedule recordings then?


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@ Seán , If you know is there an aftermarket receiver that would work with a Dish network SmartCard ? With a USB output .