Which SATA DVD/CD writer with BluRay reads to buy as gift?

My brother’s in need of an SATA burner since his current motherboard seems to not like his PATA burner (odd boot issues that go away when the drive is disconnected).

Anyway, I was thinking that I could get him an SATA burner that also reads BluRays for him for Christmas.

However… I’m totally out of the loop. I knew that the LG CT10N was a good deal for my laptop, but I’m a bit lost on the options for desktops these days.

Criteria needed:

[li]SATA[/li][li]Good DVD and CD burns as he does this often[/li][li]Black[/li][li]Not bank breaking[/li][/ol]
I was looking at the Lite-On iHOS104-06 and iHOS104-08, but I have no clue if either of these are any good. However, that’s the price range I’m hoping for.

So, what say you, former CD Freaks?

Nothing, guys?

Does he have enough available SATA connectors and room available in the case for two optical drives? If so, it might be a better idea currently to have one good DVD burner (the Optiarc 724X being the most frequently recommended one at the moment) and one blu-ray reader, similar to how many people fitted their computer with one CD burner and one DVD reader back in the early days of DVDs. I can’t think of any combo drive that is amongst the better writers.
Unfortunately, I have no recommendation for a blu-ray reader - I avoid it myself since blu-ray movies have far too disgusting Digital Restrictions Management for my taste, and hardly anything else is available on that type media.

Hi :slight_smile:
The Lite-On LiteOn IHOS104-32 is the cheapest of the 3 I’ve used.
I would describe it as showing that fact.
The LG CH08LS10 higher priced (possibly the most popular).
But has problems with some Sony Blu-ray discs. Playback can have the odd glitch.
Whilst this is true of LG in both PC & standalone forms. It is only fair to say this is a Sony problem.
Also could be limited to say about 6 titles (these might even be UK only pressing AFAIK).
The Pioneer BDC-S03XLB similar price to LG, is IMO the best at not only playing Blu-ray (seems to manage the Sony titles :slight_smile: ).
But is a better burner too.
Though this is marginal when compared to the LG.